Scope Of Services

Whether you agree or disagree, your  manners  are observed and yes, judged by others. With rapid changes in the means of connectivity and communication in the world, which have led to increased multi-cultural exchanges, etiquette coaching has become a very valuable skill to possess. Today people from diverse cultures share workplaces, playgrounds, parks, restaurants etc. and the difference in their values and beliefs may, and do, lead to confusions and misunderstandings-sometimes with unpleasant consequences.


  • Business body language and posture – Art of sitting, standing & walking.
  • Effective introductions and greetings.
  • The handshake – the correct way of doing it.
  •  Exchange of business cards.

B) NETIQUETTE : Email, Social Media’s Platforms

  • Emails and net etiquette
  • Social media manners – Do’s and Dont’s
  • Instant Messaging manners


  • General office courtesies ( elevators, visitors, washrooms, cafeterias etc)
  • Cubicle Etiquette
  • Meeting Etiquette


Business Objective : To build business relations with a client or seal the deal

Social Objective : To socialise.

  • Host preparation
  • Order of seating & seating posture
  • Table layout & Settings – Formal & Informal
  • Meal courses
  • Napkin Etiquette
  • Cutlery handling
  • Table manners – Do’s & Don’ts

NOTE :  All or only a few of the above topics / subjects will be prepared into a customized programme that is most relevant to your company and staff. 

From Appearance to your Presentations everything matters!


  • Power dressing.
  • Appropriate attire for conferences, formal and informal business meetings.
  • Dressing for business related social events.
  • The Art of Dressing with appropriate Accessories & Personal Hygiene.

B) Business Communication & Conversation skills :

  • Enhancing verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Pronunciation and speech.
  • Understand the importance of asking the right questions to get desired responses.
  • Barriers to communications,
  • Effective listening
  • Role of non verbal communication in effective listening.

C) Non verbal communication :  BODY TALK 

This session gives us an in-depth view of how each and every gesture or body movement has a specific meaning in the corporate and social world. We will also look at various ways in which we can avoid wrong communication which we unintentionally send out, mostly due to our nature of habits.

  •  Kinesics : Gestures & postures
  •  Proxemics : Appropriate distance
  •  Haptics :  Correct handshakes
  •  Sign language : Given correctly
  •  Oculesics  : Visual accessing cues.


“ Almost  everyone will make the good first impression, But only few will make Lasting good impressions”- Sonya Parker.   Therefore , First Impressions are quite important in today’s competitive world. Our informative and fun workshop will help you to determine:

  • Success Essential
  • Art of making First Impressions
  • Science of First Impressions
  • A,B,C of image management




  • Effective team management
  • Helpful team behavior
  • Motivational skills


  • Leadership skills & attitude
  • Creating a vision


  • Managing the conflict
  • Resolving the differences
  • Reduce the workplace conflicts
  • Practicing interpersonal skills


  • Interpersonal  behavior
  • Working with & against others
  • Understanding self & others through MBIT


  • Zumba / Dance
  • Power Yoga


  • Rejuvenate yourself with DIY/Craft
  • Lighten yourself Dance & music
  • Fun filled activities

NOTE :  All or only a few of the above topics / subjects will be prepared into a customized programme that is most relevant to your company and staff.

This module help anyone from Teens to Youth  (Including professionals) to  GET READY FOR FUTURE.

  • Public speaking & communication
  • Goal setting & Time management
  • Interview skills
  • Campus to corporate


NOTE :  All or only a few of the above topics / subjects will be prepared into a customized programme that is most relevant to your company and staff.


Life in today’s fast-paced world presents many different sources of stress and strain. Individuals who are confident and capable of dealing with these difficulties are our teachers and role models. There are many things that we can all do to become model citizens ourselves. Understanding how your life is set up currently and developing habits and attitudes that make things run more smoothly will allow you to grow in positive ways. A solid knowledge of the tools to available to deal with life can bring more opportunities and attract other people who are also making a concerted effort to deal with challenges.

 UNDERSTANDING YOU – One on One Consultancy 

(Image management, self talk, self esteem, confidence, preparation for college, new job etc, all soft skills, etc) 

Some individuals are shy or embarrassed. While some are unsure of what to say, or do, when. One on one session helps in getting personal attention &  guide by giving the right words, actions and behavior,   that send a message of confidence and credibility.


  • First Impression and its importance. 
  • Dress to Impress : Clothing & Grooming 
  • Body Language
  • Business Etiquette 
  • Business Communication Etiquette 
  • Collaboration Among Team & Accepting change 

 IMAGE   ENHANCERS / Management

  • Image  scope
  • Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Fit & Fashion Clinic
  • Personal Style
  • Color  Sense   Clinic
  • Clustering Approach (as per occasions such as Travelling, meetings, new job , college entrants).


Wardrobe Evaluation And It’s Detoxification : Is your wardrobe full of unworn clothes still with the tags? Do you have a closet full of nothing to wear? Do your clothes not really express who you are? Do you buy clothes and never wear them? Is your closet full of outdated clothing? This book “Wardrobe Evaluation” is a great way to understand and organize your closet. 

A wardrobe analysis is a great way to understand and organize your closet. Wardrobe evaluation helps to better organize the clothes as per usage, recognize new ways of mixing and matching existing clothes to make new outfits and getting rid of junk. In order to analyze your current wardrobe your clothes needs to be sorted as per KEEP, SWAP, DONATE, DITCH, ALTER. This is a great way to find out what items you may be missing from your wardrobe or set up a day to shop for some garments that will compliment your current clothing collection Wardrobe Review can help you see clothes & combinations you may not have been able to envisage previously. 

Get rid of every women’s common problem “Nothing to wear” and “No room to keep the clothes”.


  • Personal shopping experience working with your budget.
  • Save your energy & time and have a stylish wardrobe which is easy to manage.
  • Build a ‘capsule’ wardrobe  of good quality & well fitting basics along with your lifestyle needs


Make up & Makeover Workshops : 

Grooming is incomplete without a touch of makeup to enhance your face. It can enhance your “best” features and tone down those you are less happy with. Learn the art of make up in this very interactive workshop. We will also describe the various products used for make-up and their application techniques with complete basic and corrective make-up looks.

This exclusive hands on course is  the practical skills they will need to become their own make-up artists. This unique course focuses on the practical application of make-up reflecting the current trends. The aim is to enhance creative abilities and send you away with a variety of basic skills and techniques

Art of Saree Draping :

  • Tips to tie a saree perfectly
  • Learn different styles of saree drape

Art to Tie a Tie :

  • Event related tie
  • Pocket squares
  • Scarf’s styling



“You Name It And We Do It”