Image Consulting Service

SOULFUL IMPRESSIONS currently offer nine image management Clinics dealing with a wide range of image needs and problems. The concept of fashion and image “clinics” is a natural expansion of our consulting work. All these innovative clinics are the result of extensive market research, development, testing, consumer feedback, working out the bugs, refining the procedure and communication.

Clinics may be booked singly or as a Package Plan with Bonus. Ask about your options.

  1. Image Scope (1 Hour)
  2. Lifestyle Clinic (2 Hours)
  3. Personal Style Clinic (2 Hours)
  4. Wardrobe Evaluation & Styling Clinic (1 closet – 4 hours)
  5. Cluster Planning Clinic (2 hours)
  6. Fabulous Fit Clinic (1 hour)
  7. Colour Sense Clinic (2 hours)
  8. Complete Make – Over Clinic (4 hours for 1 event)
  9. Personal Shopping Clinic (1-8 hours depending on your need and the shopping list)

Style is an approach to showcase your identity without talking.

Our Clients